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My Corps! Your Corps! Our Corps! KittenCorps!

KittenCorps Name

Dr Potatten & Professor F are the ones who inspired the KittenCorps name

Latin Motto

Catulus, Crepitus, Communitas
Translation: Kittens, Explosions, Community

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Tacocat with guacatmole and refried kitteans. (What, no Magical Enchilladas?)

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EKLOL Awards

The EKLOL Awards are given to any individual that passes 1k comments during the Exploding Kittens Kickstarter Campaign 2015. The award is a gold-plated kitten-shaped cookie (with kitten ears) made out of stale fruitcake which was kept in a flannel sleeve, made of hairy dragon boob hair, under the lake guarded by Octokitten. One side of the award has the imprint Lots of Love and the other side shows Lack of Life. It is, of course, 101% EU Friendly including the Ziploc bag preserving maximum staleness and presented tastefully in a new old maybe super special KS exclusive collector's tin box with paw clasp. There may or may not be a red velvet mite surprise included ... and maybe glitter. The Award is delivered paw to paw by Lord ZomBitten.

Inductees as of 2015-02-23 17:29:16 UTC

  1. Melissa "The Creeper" Nicole 3714
  2. Kevin "Lord Zombitten" Buckner 3345
  3. Evan "Dr. Potatten™" Jibberjabber 3292
  4. Experiencing Life to the Fullest-Da Wolf 2363
  5. Jeff "Great Cane of Doom"™ Saxton 2362
  6. Πρόφέσσόρ ϕ "Professor F" 2136
  7. BruceP - "Chameleon Prime" 1925
  8. Chris "The Historian" Loth 1851
  9. Bob "Powers of Tesla" Lindley 1723
  10. Marie "Catness" C 1676
  11. Tsveta Koleva "Idle/Wild" 1673
  12. Anja "Cha!" Allen 1638
  13. Eric "Trinkets&Nopes" Baumgarten 1602
  14. Geist de la Muerte Gatito 1516
  15. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell 1434
  16. Mike "Cheetah Butt" Kabala 1400
  17. Owen "Great Mountain" Middleton 1041
  18. dns12999 "Dave The Quack" 1012

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1,000,021 and counting

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500,487 and counting

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590,556 and counting

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Mutattens (Non-human mutated minion species that are either part cat or part dog)

Vittens (Kitten Villains):


Kittens and potatoes combined, they're an aggressive bunch that push things off of shleves and tables with impunity, they also explode taking out monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.


Ground beef + kitten


Pretzel+kitten, twisted in mind AND body


Don’t get bit by one, you’ll become one. Lord Zombitten's minions.
Can't feel pain, never sleep, insatiable hunger, turn victims into zombittens

Refried Kitteans

They melt cheesittens, burn the roof of your mouth, and cause diarrheasplosions. You still eat them because of their alluring smell and delicious flavor

Kitroachen, Roachen

A vile new furry but cute species, with 6 spiked legs & antennae. Created when Professor F successfully spliced Kittens with Cockroaches. They fly erratically and they've been dubbed Kitroachen, or Roachen for short. Professor F's minion army
Flight capabilities, Nuclear Resistance, Headless Operation with restricted visual capabilities, Spiked Extremities, Cute Furry Fuzziness


Pirate Kittens, Pitted against Ninjattens
Great balance, especially with rum; skilled at swashbuckling, especially with rum; adept at finding treasure, especially with rum; can eat fruitattens, as long as they've been splashed with rum sauce


Caffeine Kittens, they are a rugged bunch.
They are fed the money of Catzalcoatal's people, coffee beans, and are hyped up on its powers 24/7. Like Zombittens they never sleep, but are never confused with the slow moving Zombittens. Catzalcoatal's minions.


Caffeine Kittens with Chocolate


Goblin kittens. So far, they don't have a master, but they love causing mayhem wherever they go. They don't look threatening at first, but they quickly swarm and overwhelm their foes with superior numbers.


Sharks+Kittens. They feast on all sea life, but prefer Seauppies. Discovered by Doc.


Spider+Kittens, "I just ran into a nest full of NOPE!"


Pizza Kittens, More like pizza rolls actually. Yummy doughy lumps of cuteness filled with pepperoni and cheese. You think they're so cute and sweet, but eat too many, and then they explode in your belly. But you don't die, you just have horrendous and very noxious gas. Minions of Great Cane of Doom.


Snake Kitten, Its special ability is spitting venom!


Frog Kitten, Able to eat small food minnions at a distance.


Pig + Kitten


Chicken + Kitten


Discovered by Professor F living within black holes. Immune to gravity, they feed on dark energy and they look like dark matter, raising the question, what do they look like? They can expand to the size of galaxies, or shrink down to bosons. They can regulate their gravitational effect to planetary bodies as they seem fit. Professor F claims that in his infinite wisdom has found a way to tame these galactic freaks by tying a fluff super nova to a plasma rope. They will be guarding Pron (Professor F's name for the Moon) hereon after.

Pez Troll

Pez Dispenser, Open its mouth and it spits out that same damn question again and again and again.


Kittens spliced with Mogwais of course! Miss Puss' minions. They are her furry friends, but she does not hesitate to feed them after midnight and build an army to conquer you!


Small black cats, Able to hide in shadows and pounce out without provocation. Exceedingly sharp claws. Oversized canine teeth.

Tail o' Nine Cats

The most hairable of all torture devices! Controlled by Lord Zombitten. It's fashioned from zombittens. Careful when wielding its awesome and infectious fury.


A cross-breed of Kittens and Squirting Squids. They stink as bad as STDs and have a beige, slimy, slippery body. They have 5 tentacles and in general are excellent at sucking. Don't touch them unless you are wearing a condom or hazmat suit. Professor F's minions.


A squirrel/kitten combo. (Click for more info) Flarphlinsnoogle's minions.
Shoot hairballs out of their cheeks at a semi-automatic speed.
Ruled by their overlord Ser Flarphlinsnoogle and sworn enemy of the Squirttens. The only known mutatten to send The Creeper into a blind rage.


An evil creature that annoys everyone else. Known for spamming the comments and continually asking the same question over and over and over again.

Kitten Cannon

Shoots out kittens at random backers!

Cyborg Kitten

(image by David Cummings)
Part Kitten, part Machine.
Superclaws for destroying furniture. Laser sights for detecting yarn. Radar dish hearing for listening for can openers within a 20 mile radius.


Narwhal + Kitten
Can shot rainbows from it's horn to attract a partner. Spear fishes to survive.
Minion of Virrgo.


Flying kitty woot woot!

The Clumps

Kitten + Litter
Rancid, urine soaked meanies whose attitudes are as foul as their odor!!!
Minions of The Litter-Boxer.


The Centittens are a hybrid of centipedes and kittens. They usually crawl slowly and go about their day normally. But when presented with danger, or when Mehlord gives the order, their speed and accuracy becomes extraordinary. They can crawl, scratch and dig their way through anything or anyone, including diamond, steel, flesh, etc.


Voodoo doll kitten hybrid. Ability to mirror a direct attack on it back onto enemy. Zombrie's minions.


Rhino kitten hybrid. Ability to ram through foes and buildings. Zombrie's minions.


Whale Kitten
A kitten of whale sized portions! You will be smothered by the fluffy monstrosity. ... And don't even think about the size of the hairballs! Hairballs the size of a VW bug!


Beaver + Kitten
Looking rather feline except for those ridiculous teeth that would make an orthodontist shudder, the Smakazoo is well named for its large paddle-tail. If you get out of line the Smakazoo will bitch slap you into next week. Keep in line buddy, or else!


Otter + Kitten
A special cat that actually likes to swim!


Python + Kitten
mesmerizes you with enormous kitten eyes while slowly winding herself around you and squeezing your life away. Can be used as a furry belt. (Be sure the head to tail clasp is firmly in place.)

Claws of Danger

A Venus fly trap + kitty combo that can devour and dissolve anything in its grasp.


Kitten + Alcohol
Able to talk fast at loud volumes about nothing important.


Kitten + Vampire
They thirst for blood and seek to cause the ooze of it by any means necessary especially, and not limited to, tripping the humans as they descend stairs. So watch out!


Hyper-intelligent kittens that have been admitted to and now control Mensa. They use their vast intellect to circumvent any form of hitten they encounter while spreading unimagineable chaos through extraordinarily crafty means.


Wolverines + Kittens
They prefer wooded areas if possible but can infest any area with some assistanse from their master. They have the ability to weasel themselves into narrow situations and claw their way out again as well as ripping hero kittens apart like they are stinky cheese. The two best know are Tayra and Marten, children of Gulo.

Snail Horse

Snail + Horse
Neon Purple and/or pink in color. Snail horses are all of the woes of horses and snails rolled into one. Incredibly slow, particularly loud, and particularly clever, their super power is entertaining small children while you steal their candy. They make this sound: "Areeretggtth!" (It attracts the children.) Once the candy stealing is complete, they leave no trail and no witnesses. They are also immune to most acids and bases.


A kitten with a skunk's butt
Releases aroma-therapeutic odors to cause temporary nervous breakdown. Fart every 2 seconds, but continuously for a minute


Bytes + Kittens
The cause for all the unexplainable bugs/erroes on computers, printers and many others.


Cockatrice + Kitten
It's spelled Citten (or kitten) but it's pronounced "fruit warbler mangrove"
They are, from the head down, a cat head (whiskers, ears and all), a chicken's gizzard, dragon wings, the two front paws of a kitten, and the back end of a snake.
Abilities include, but are not limited to: turning people to stone by looking at them, furiously clawing pants without injuring person, flying, meow of fear which paralyses temporarily, hiss of redemption that heals you and undoes paralysis and petrification, and the beautiful kitten eyes that lure you into a sense of either false or real security, depending on their mood. Keep in mind that if you are seeing the beautiful kitten eyes, there is a 90% chance you will soon be petrified as a beautiful "aww"ing statue, but if you are in the lucky 10% you will survive.

Hittens (Kitten Heroes):


Fruit cake kittens, there's some animosity with the Potatten.


Ninja kittens pitted against Pirattens


Those lazy sloth-kitten mutants, the laziest of all kittenkind.


Cheesy Kittens


Pumped-Up Kittens
Political experience, Almost unintelligible speech, Heavy explosions, Badass one-liners after said explosions, Covert operations via cigar generated mist
Trinkets' minions.


Flannel Kittens, they are a rugged bunch.


Skittle kittens, they taste the rainbow because they ARE the rainbow


Created with full Powers of Tesla. Sparks for eyes, lightning bolts fly from their claw tips. They drive into battle in armor plated Tesla Model "S" sedans, five Electro-Kittens to a car. They are particularly effective against undead Kittens as Zombittens are particularly susceptible to catching fire. They do not do well when wet.


A Chameleon/Kitten hybrid that can blend into its surroundings. Can snatch cat nip out of the air from a distance of 10 feet. Having chameleon eyes, it is impossible to sneak up on them.


Felwolves, they convert to wolves under the full moon. Da Wolf's followers. They are all male.


Small trinkets of kittens that get packed as freebies with games. They are multilingual, ambidextrous, sleeved,EU friendly


Require a gantry to lift and are too heavy to airlift by normal aircraft. They are the MOAR (mother of all roaches). When they parachute they land with a rumble and leave a crater behind. The whole neighborhood shakes and a dusthroom rises from the earth. Subconsciously you hear the Ride of the Valkyries. They are the Marines of the heroes. They can can live under water and thus just walk wherever they need to go. No sacrifice is too large to guarantee freedom from the evil clutches!


William Shatner kittens


A Kitten wearing chain mail


Five kitten robots that come together to form 1 giant robot kitten with a sword and lazers.


Able to cause chaos and be so scary kitty x2. You read that right. Split into two chaos kitties. A minion of Da Wolf.


Discovered by Da Wolf and rumored to consist of 21% fruitcake! The other 79% is from ??? A minion of Da Wolf.


A sacred bloom of the Yggdrasitten Tree. It produces a nectar known only to Da Wolf.

Brussel Sprittens

Brussel Sprout Stink Bomb Kittens

Howler Kittens

Ultrasonic meows deafen and enrage the enemy. Some VERY judgmental looks are good for unnerving evil foes!


Mouse + Kitten
Disguised as a mouse, has infiltrated the league of super evil rats.
Minion of MeowMix


Kitten + Marshmallow.
Kittens that drop marshmallow fluff bombs


Part smore, part kitten. With the ability to be warm, sweet and comforting when happy but scalding and deadly like furry napalm when engaged in battle!


Able to launch Vinyl records with force to subdue, and of course to aid in hunting those pesky Cardinals: The nemisis of the Chicago Cubs. ...

Millyun Tiny Pepsimen

Made of Pepsi cans and ... Kittens? And maybe Men. We're JUST. NOT. SURE. They squeee a lot.


Narcoleptic kittens
They take lots of cat naps. Have a unique resistance to Caffettins and Mochaittens.


Pack of all-female Werewolf/Kitty hybrid. Cute little kittys that turn into wolves in full-moon light.


Kitten + Platypus
Turquoise fur, purple cat whiskers, purple cat eyes, cat-like body-type, front feet with claws, platypus bill, and rear feet with poison spurs. loves water. semi-aquatic, egg-laying mammals of action. Lays exploding eggs


Kitten + Scorpion
Sting induces uncontrollable urge to dance and is accompanied by rocking autoharp music. A gifted narcomancer, taking naps in order to divine the future; when she wakes up, the future is right there. It's uncannily accurate.

Minion: BullKitten

(image by Derek T)
Bull + Kitten
Can maul you with horns. Can use giant balls as weapons, no BullKitten!


Turtle + Kitten

Nittens (Neutral Kittens):


Broccoli Kittens (they're a healthy and fun-loving bunch. Always stealing Idle/Wild’s pillow to sharpen their claws).


The non-Euclidian Kittens


Mermaid (Merman) Kittens, Kitten of the Sea.


Prehistoric Kittens


Manatee Kittens. Friend of the Seauppies, but sometimes hunted by the Shitten and Mermitten.


S'mores kittens


Kittens with Stiches, The reassembled patchwork kittens taken from the bodies of dead minnions. They are Doc's minnions His is able to to make them and animate their bodies.


These kittens are blobish creatures and may resemble refried kittens in a way. They come in three colors: Russian blue, black, and red. They are often seen in the company of Penittens since they are a great source of ink.
Paradoxica's minions.


Kittens that have feather quills for tails. They use these quills to write down stories and record events. They are not very good at this because oftentimes as soon as they start writing with their tails, Inkittens or even other Penittens will jump on their tail to play with it because it is a feather. These kittens are often seen frolicking together with Inkittensin the wild.
Paradoxica's minions.


Fuzzy little fellows, a splice of kitten and peacock spider. Theyhat roam the web gather comments and data for me and - very important - can dance. Hence the name.


Time-Lord Kittens

Red Velvitten CupCats

Spawning in the kitchen of Creeper, friendly little puffs of dessert kittens. Only used to calm both heroes and villains when they need a moment of peace - making them fall into a sugar coma.


Kitten + Dragon, Claimed Cha! as their person and she claims them.
Click here to read the story of the Dragittens.


Fermented Kitten, Pukes sauerkraut hairballs. Always in a bad mood. One Big Sauer-Puss!


Gargoyle + Kitten, Part of Cha's horde.


Ba'alrog Kittens, Part of Great Mountain's horde.


Golem Kittens, Part of Great Mountain's horde.


Monster kittens powered by radiant moonshine. Constantly talking to all who stay a while and listen. Rarest of breeds, these Monittens have opposable thubs and as such can handle almost any human tool/piece of equipment (Light/Darksabers included). Ability to stand upright and walk on hindlegs at will.
Upright, 7 feet tall.
Shoulder height when on all fours - 4 feet.
Having denounced any biological urges in favour of spreading knowledge, both Monittens are sterile and are the last of their breed.
Weaknesses: Monkeys. Tuna.
Strengths: Able to distract other kittens with lasers and red balls of wool. Able to read books and lecture for hours on end to any students of knowledge.


Teeny-tiny kittens visible only with a kittiscope. Some are beneficial (lacti-kitticules live in your intestines and help you digest milk) and some are harmful (salmonali-kitticules can make your life a living hell for 6-8 hours). All obey Antonie van Kittenhoek without question.


Bats + Kittens


Has the power of lazy butts and chronic floppyness.


Cross between a Kindergarten Kid and Kitties.
Supersonic tantrum capable of splitting eardrums.


Cuttlefish + Kitten
Has the power to mesmerize using its "W" shaped pupils and color-changing fur. Will copulate with your nostrils if threatened or provoked. Can be cajoled by booze, wine, chocolate, and that sweet, sweet petting.


Cross between a Kitten and a Hall Monitor.
Able to throw rulers at unruly students with deadly accuracy.

Mantis Shrimp-Kittens

The most common hybrid minion in use. STRENGTH IN NUMBERS.


Kittens who summon yarn and other textiles.

Fruit Mewttens

There are three of them: Fig, Apple and Strawberry. ... Because a cookie is just a cookie, but Mewttens are fruit and cake - and kittens!


Orphan kittens
Can be adopted into your fold and will take on the characteristics and alignment of surrounding kittens. Loyalty bonus: If you adopt an orphitten, it will go out of its way to bring presents to you. (Unattended Trinkittens, fluff from under your couch, severed pieces of your enemies, that sort of thing.)


These are the result of an unholy night of debauchery between a villainous, virile Catssassin and a willowy, heroic Ninjatten. The resulting hybrid is the perfect balance of good and evil; able to leap effortlessly across the rooftops of the city, keeping a watchful, invisible eye on the human inhabitants; able to slink through the shadows, parting the dark like a piano wire through soft butter. The Catninjassen cares not for right or wrong. It just watches ... and waits ...

Pine Kittens

A horrifying blend of the most violent species in the weasel family (Pine Martens) and the most deadly cuddly indoor predator. They're flippin' adorable. ... and soft. ... and oh, so gorram cuddly. ... and TERRIFYING. They can climb trees, enter holes, and shoot lasers from their eyes. ... but they can CLIMB TREES!


Hybrid of cats and rabbinical commentaries. They can detect outsiders and take appropriate actions. They do not function on the Sabbath however.


Pickles + Kittens
A mutation of pickles and kittens that occured when a cat decided to take a nap in a gallon jar of pickles. Do they bounce? Do they not bounce? Are they sweet or sour? Were they once cucumberttens? Will taking them as a shot reduce the burn of whiskey? Only one thing is certain: they crunch when you bite them.


Rabbits + Kittens
Warning, Visual or physical exposure of a Rabbitten can lead to acute cuteness overload!" Possesses hypnotic ability when looked directly in the eyes. Extremely Fluffy. Reproduces beyond exponential rates. They overpopulated various islands in Japan where they are considered to be a tourist attraction.

Nuppies (Neutral Puppies):


Steak puppies


Seals+Puppies They keep the aquatic canine bloodline alive.


Turtle + Puppy


Lizard + Puppy


Pterodactyl + dog
Minion of DinoKitten!


8 Legged Puppies that spit Ink, Sniff Fish Butts

Maine Coon-Huahua

Part Maine Coon, part Chihuahua, all Stupid. Super powers include noxious gas (he farts), spiting acid (he throws up), and eating all the Mexican Food in sight (leading to the other two). His Kryptonite: Laser Pointers


Ninja Puppy
Thinks he's a rug with but with an afro that you trip over.


Vulture Puppy
Always finds the highest perch from which to give a death glare to anyone eating food.


Puppy + binturong
Uses his tail as a weapon. Can also grab and throw things with it)

Tesla Puppies

Puppy + Tesla coil
Can entrance you with "puppy dog eyes" then either lick you or zap the hell out of you, depending on if you brought bacon. Can cuddle any species back to life. Side effect; kitten's hair will stand on end for a week.



The Man

Always Keeping Us Down

Dr. Pottaten

Evan W.

Lord Zombitten

Kevin B
Has a skeletized Kitten named Skellitten


Trinket's evil twin
Eric A

Wicked Felina

Bad, bad girl from El Paso

Geist De La Muerte Gatito

Da J

Professor F

chaotic neutral 69ing ying-yang

Lady Z Vambitten

Lady Z
Minions = Vampittens


God to all Central and South American Kittens

Great Cane of Doom

Jeff Saxton
The guy who tells people to "Get Off My Lawn!"
"If I get a choice, I'll go villain every time, but with a heart of gold, of course. That is, I'll smile and be polite while I'm doing my evil deeds."

Puppy Crusher

Dani Carvalho

Miss Puss



Jack Cordial


Crystal Werntz
A wild mage considered pure evil by way of his own unfortunate mishaps.

Mr. Seeker

Julius ter Pelkwijk
Has a rocket launcher called the the "Kitten Cannon", it shoots out kittens at random backers!

Motor City Kitty

David Cummings
Has a Cyborg Kitten named Kittylok (the six million dollar kitteh).


Keith Goken
Unikittens are his minions.


Joshua Langford
Kittyhawks are his minions.


Briana M
Minions are Voodittens and Rhinittens.

The Litter-Boxer

Jason Poston
The Clumps are his minions.

Mehlord McJaiko

Jhonny Ayrout
The Centittens are his minions.


Cindy Kuzelka
Kittens determined on world domination! Buwhahahaha!
Flubbinator and Smakazoo are her minions.

Sergeant Fuzzyboots

Mikey Mullan
Minions: none


Heather Graves
A Cajun gal who is an aficionado of kittehs, puppiehs, and the boozes.
Ottittens are her minions.

Captain Sheli

Michelle S
Has a Pythitten named Ivana Eatchu A'Live.

Ari, Destroyer of Worlds

Allie W
Controls Claws of Danger
I drink the tears of heroes for breakfast!


Shannon M
Ruler of the Alcokittens

Zem the Mattress

Micah Philson
From the planet Sqornshellous Zeta. Resident expert in gibbering, vooning, willomying, quirruling, globbering, lurgling, and-most importantly-flolloping.
Minions: Mensittens


Marianne A
Minions: Wolverittens

Katy E

Katy Ellenich
From the planet Sqornshellous Zeta. Resident expert in gibbering, vooning, willomying, quirruling, globbering, lurgling, and-most importantly-flolloping.
Minion: Snail Horse

Señor Skunkeeten

Naveen K
Minions: Skunkeetens

The nerd

Juha-Pekka Ahonen
Minions: Bittens


Josiah Philson
Minions: Cittens



Rod M

The Chameleon

Bruce P
Has a rainbow-dyed kitten named Skitten

Da Wolf/Living F

Da Wolf and his followers (Wolfittens, Texaochens, and Caty Cerry) are the protectors of the afterlife for the heroes. They live in Valhalitten by the Yggdrasitten Tree and Cifrost Bridge. They live in the hearts and minds of all hittens, vittens, etc. and protect the KittenCorps from the vittens of the afterlife.
Living F is his alter ego. Has an albino Kitten named Caty Cerry that just lays there and requires major upkeep. She is addicted to Cheetos. (The snack, not the puppet.)


Eric B



Blind Justice

JusticeBolt's sister


Cal R

Harley Quinn

Quinn S

Diamond Dan

the Vigilante Robin Hood
Dan D

Powers of Tesla

Bob L

Silver Ninjitten

Andre B

Collar Stay

John K

Leprenaut the Protector

David K
A leprechaun astronaut who acts as the final line of defense against the ravaging evils of Nyan Cat (you're welcome)

Erudite Esoterist

Adam Lewis

Dave the Quack



Marissa Brice
Has Howler Kittens called Artemis and Selina


Marcos Twaf
Has a prehistorical group of friends including the Pterodogtyl


Lauren Moinet
Meows to the beat of whatever song is playing. Stuns villains with her magical voice.

Stay Puffeh

Michael Maxwell
Has marshmallow fluff minions, called Fluffittens.


Ashley Turner
Has marshmallow fluff minions, called Fluffittens.


Matt Beebe
Minions are the DJVinylKittens


Chris S
Minions: Millyun Tiny Pepsimen


Nina T
Minions: Narcokittens

Da Wolfette

Aly B (Diannika)
Minions: Werekittys and Platykitty

Good Gravy Marie

Kyle Crew
Minions: Gettumz

Kitten Lombax

Keith O
No minions yet.

"Don't mess with Bull" Toro

Derek T
Minion: BullKitten.


Stefan H
Minion: Turitten.


Great Mountain

Owen M

The Creeper

Melissa F
Resident Hottie
Has a black albino Kitten named Melificat

The Historian

Chris L

Cheetah Butt

Mike K
Sycophant, Lord Protector of Cheetos, his former minion who returned to him seeking asylum and has become his ward. Has a Kitten named Chinky

Fizzziks the Healer



Jelle H

House Arrest

Allison M


The KittanCorps Troubadour
Anja A
Flittermittens are part of her hoard.


David Guidry


Tsveta Koleva
Leader of the slottens, plus accidentally created the broccattens while sleepcooking. Neutral to the core, except when there's coffee involved. That may result in random changes of sides, or an instant catnap.

Queen Kittzel

Emberlynn Smith
spreads adorable mischief and chaos throughout the realms.


Epic, a derpy whale down at the bottom of the ocean I have no real known powers, I more of just sit down there floating waiting. If people call out my name I'll swoop in and save the day with my large flaps of blubber.

General Calculus

Peter W
Spreading fear in schools everywhere as well as furthering advanced engineering, allowing the random kitten to cause efficient explosions.


Tasha (Turner) Lennhoff
Explaining stuff until others explode from all my hot air.


Christine McKnitterton
She can knit with her mind. She has Knitten and Fruit Mewtten minions.

Parodoxica (Leftie)

Kassandra Devlin
Able to write almost good parody songs about exploding kittens and the kitten corps.


Marie C
Has great timing and conspicuous invisibility.


Wesley H
Immune to the cold.

The Ex-President

Stomping out ignorance through enforced debate, inflatable pool noodles or catnip sandwiches as required to maintain the remaining shreds of sanity that are drifting through the KittenCorps universe.

Antonie van Kittenhoek

Ebony B
Inventor of the Kittiscope, lord and master of the Kitticules. Has the power to unleash said Kitticules for good or for evil.
Alliance: Neutral, with a tendency to swing either way. Mostly good.

CEO Kitten

Justin G
Inventor of the Kittiscope, lord and master of the Kitticules. Has the power to unleash said Kitticules for good or for evil. Moooshu are his minions.


Grace M
Minions are Kindergattens and Hallmonittens.

Kitten DeVice

Kinky DeVice
Mistress of the Kittlefishen.

Sassy Sox

Robin York


Ken F
Controls the Puptopi.


Ira Jacobs
Controls the Mantis Shrimp-Kittens.

Dreadpool the Pirate

Michael Butz
Dread Pirate Roberts version of Deadpool
Controls Chimichanga, the Maine Coon-Huahua.

Battlegirl Ai

Natalie C
I say nothing. I know nothing.
Minions are a Ninjuppy (who thinks he's a rug with but with an afro that you trip over) and a Vultuppy (who always finds the highest perch from which to give a death glare to anyone eating food)

JAK of all Trades

Jennifer Klettke
Minions are the Orphittens.

China Kitten

Monica Hartley
Minions are the Shibbolettins

Lady Suki of the Mitten Clan

Nicole C
Minions are the Catninjassens.


Rin K R
Minions are the Pine Kittens.


Thessaly Angevine
Minion is Syn, the Binturuppy.

Guardian of Usagineko

Edwin Wiersma
Minions are Rabbittens