KittenCorps Cadence

My Corps! Your Corps! Our Corps! KittenCorps!

I don't know, but I've been told
fruitcake don't grow no mold!

Kitten corps' a crazy bunch
You miss all if out for lunch!

Kitten corps' beyond compare
Feel our hair in your underwear!

We are kittens hear us mew,
we puke hairballs in your shoe!

lick, and sick with hairy holes
we don't care for stretchy goals!

We don't smoke, we chew on nip
kitten corps is über hip

We shed hair where ever we please
if you got allergies, prepare to sneeze!

Potattens, fruitattens, kitzels too
we know where you bury your poo!

Zombittens, vampittens, they're undead
don't mess with them, you'll lose your head!

Kitten Corps is truly feared
Face it folks we're pretty weird.