FAQ's that we have answers to

What is the KittenCorps?

The KittenCorps is a group of people who are fans of the Exploding Kittens KickStarter project.

Can anyone join?

Yes, as long as you have pledged at least $1 to the KickStarter campaign. This is necessary in order to be able to post in the comments section.

How do I join?

To officially join the KittenCorps and be added to the rolls on the KittenCorps fact sheet, please send an email to cheetahbutt@kittencorps.com and include the following information:
  1. Your Real Name (First name and Last initial is OK)
  2. Your Alias (What you want to be called in the KittenCorps, should be human)
  3. Your Alliance (Heroes, Villains, or Neutral)
  4. Your Hybrid Minions* (Name, hybrid of which two separate species, special abilities)
  5. (optional) A short bio to include on the website.

* Please note that your Minions should be a hybrid of two separate species, one of which is either Kittens or Puppies.
- Also note that puppies are always neutral and can never be heroes or villains.
- Every minion should have at least one special ability, but may have more.
- Your minion must be unique, not just a duplicate of one that is already in use.

FAQ's that we donít have answers to

What are the cards made of?

We don't know yet

Are the decks EU friendly?

We don't know yet

When is the next update?

We have no idea.

What is the next Stretch goal?

We don't have a clue.

Will there be a way to tell the KF deck from the NSFW deck?

Yes, but we don't know how.

Has anyone asked these questions?

YES. Everyone has asked these questions.